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Demixed #2: Wiz Khalifa – Never Been & Never Been Part II | Chrono Trigger OST

Schala - Gang

Bonus round: twice the Silver points! Sledgren produced the Dope-As-F-ck beats for ‘Never Been’ and ‘Never Been Part II’ with some video game magic. I am impressed! Lets Demix it. Continue reading

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Mellow Mondays #6 : Nomak – For The Children


Well, another year has passed and school has started again…I figured I should do something for the children, something to help ease the pain of another school trimester, I mean semester. In the past Mellow Mondays has been showcasing a lot of chill-wave, and I need to show people the truth; other chill music exists!

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2011’s Most Notable Music – A Reflection

As of December 31st, we are officially at the end of 2012. Time flies, eh? Maybe it’s time to check in on what those New Year resolutions were (remember those? Don’t worry, me neither.) Make sure you’re over last year’s ex, and most importantly, make sure you have an arsenal of great new tunes. But, but we’d be reminisce if we didn’t remember all the great music that came last year.

So, true to form, I’m here to showcase what I think were last year’s most notable albums. Note that this list will primarily focus on albums that shy from the mainstream – not to be hipster, but simply to give attention to those who deserve so much more of it.

Now to be clear I hate top ten lists. No one is ever going to agree with your list, and you always end up shafting something that someone feels deserves to be on your list. So, below is a list, not of 2011’s best albums, but in my opinion, the year’s 14 most notable albums. I tried to keep true to the blog, and have something for everybody – some rock, some R&B, some metal, some hip hop, and others. After, is the long list, the also notables that didn’t make the list. There are definitely albums I missed – but while this list doesn’t claim to be a summary of every single good album that came out this year, many of what I feel were the years most enjoyable albums are here. Every album won’t be for everybody, but there is definitely at least one album for everybody (except perhaps dancehall fans,) here. Enjoy.

The 14 Most Notable Albums Of 2011 Continue reading

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2012: The Year of the Comeback

“Don’t call it a comeback/I’ve been here for years.” – LL Cool J.

The comeback album, the album that a band makes to relive their glory one last time. The comeback album is why I bring you this article. Within the past five-ten years, we have seen the comeback of many famous bands of all genres, from A Tribe Called Quest, to Pavement, to Pixies, to Refused and countless more. Along with the reformations of these bands there has come fame and acclaim (as well as a fair amount of money I assume), however the one thing these reformations has lacked is the production of new music, which is something all the fans hope for.

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Music Video Monday # 9: Star Slinger – Mornin’

J Dilla fans, this one’s for you.

What better way to start off your week than with some chill instrumental hip-hop? Featuring some sweet vocal sampling, and relaxed twinkly production, this one’s a keeper. Short and sweet is the name of this game, and the track clocks in at only 2:14. Imagine Kanye West meets Passion Pit. As the title promises, it’s a great song to wake up to.

The video is pretty cool too, with enough bright colours, kaleidoscope imagery and visual distortions that you may not even need to take that hit of acid. It’s directed by Alen Jensen, and you can check it out after the jump. Continue reading

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Mellow Mondays #5 : Emancipator – Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. Soon it will be cold enough to build fires. Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of making these jokes… I know I’m not tired of this song, and its been on repeat all morning. Thanksgiving weekend was great, but I know you missed my Mellow tunes. So here it is, a chilling beat to beat your Monday blues. If it don’t rhyme, its a motherf-ckin’ crime! Continue reading

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Mellow Mondays #3 : Mar Variations – 1st Session

Someone who has more music than me linked me this song and it’s music to my ears. Can I do that? Can I say this music is music to my ears? Because it is.  Continue reading

Mellow Mondays #2 : The xx – Angels (Confect Remix)

It’s the time again, Mos is back with Mellow Mondays! Winding down after a hard day of grinding? Here is the answer. How do I feel about you Ms. Song? Well…”If someone believed me, they would be as in love with you as I am”.  Continue reading

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Mellow Mondays #1: MMOTHS – Summer (feat. Superhumanoids) [Music Video]

If you wanna be the best, you gotta deal with the stress! And what better way to deal with Monday blues, then some nice, chilling, mellow tunes? I got lines for days kids, lines for DAYS! Seriously though, the weekend is over, I know what y’all want and I deliver. Continue reading

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Sol – 2020

Seattle native Sol is setting his sites high for 2012. “2020″ has a simple hip-hop beat but in it’s simplicity comes the beauty. His lyrics are real and hard, a rarity these days. Sol’s music is just easy listening, music that’s instantly likeable. Great beat, great flow and great lyric’s; perfect.


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