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An Evening with Amanda Palmer

If you ever have the chance to see Amanda Palmer live, go. Even if you’ve never heard of her, go. Even if you’re not sure that you like her music, go. Go for the sake of humanity, for love, for your heart. Last night she took my heart – and everyone else’s – and she poured every essence of her existence into it, nourishing us all, without asking for anything in return.


A wild Amanda appears. Credit: @andrewabphotography

We all sat huddled on the floor of the children’s section of the Central Library in Liverpool. Every few minutes the ground would rumble, the metro passing by below. Continue reading

CRÈME DE LA RÈME : Tool – 10000 Days (Wings Pt. 2)


Album Art for the Album 10000 days. Click for the track 😀

Tool is one of my favourite bands and you’ll probably see songs by them featured a lot in the CDLR picks. I like to cycle through their albums until I find something I am obsessed with. Lately, this has been Wings for Marie and 10000 days (two parts to the same song.) The incredible thing about this song is the build up. It’s just like they’re telling a story about crashing through the rain and a broken man (Well, I mean, they are, but the song is called Wings for Marie so I guess it’s a woman?). All the while, you’re climbing up a mountain…and then the song reaches the climax. You break free, shake your fist to the sky, and yell to heaven “It’s time now, my time now, GIVE ME MY WINGS”. Catharsis.

 It’s absolutely brilliant. If you don’t mind a kind of ominous build up (I don’t), then you will love, love, love this track, especially for the rainy weekend we’ve been having. Give it a chance, it might just become something you love.
Enjoy it, and catch you on the flip side. 😀
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2011’s Most Notable Music – A Reflection

As of December 31st, we are officially at the end of 2012. Time flies, eh? Maybe it’s time to check in on what those New Year resolutions were (remember those? Don’t worry, me neither.) Make sure you’re over last year’s ex, and most importantly, make sure you have an arsenal of great new tunes. But, but we’d be reminisce if we didn’t remember all the great music that came last year.

So, true to form, I’m here to showcase what I think were last year’s most notable albums. Note that this list will primarily focus on albums that shy from the mainstream – not to be hipster, but simply to give attention to those who deserve so much more of it.

Now to be clear I hate top ten lists. No one is ever going to agree with your list, and you always end up shafting something that someone feels deserves to be on your list. So, below is a list, not of 2011’s best albums, but in my opinion, the year’s 14 most notable albums. I tried to keep true to the blog, and have something for everybody – some rock, some R&B, some metal, some hip hop, and others. After, is the long list, the also notables that didn’t make the list. There are definitely albums I missed – but while this list doesn’t claim to be a summary of every single good album that came out this year, many of what I feel were the years most enjoyable albums are here. Every album won’t be for everybody, but there is definitely at least one album for everybody (except perhaps dancehall fans,) here. Enjoy.

The 14 Most Notable Albums Of 2011 Continue reading

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Album Review: The 2nd Law by Muse

The 2nd Law is the sixth album by British rock superstars, Muse. It is their most high-profile, but also their most varied album yet. A lot of the album is quite solid, but there are moments that will leave some of  you scratching your heads and asking ‘Why?’.

Continue reading

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Alternative Roundup #1

There’s been a few really great cuts that have come out recently, so I thought I’d round up a couple of my favourite ones.

Caiman Fu – Volcan Montréal
This track is really fantastic. Upbeat, swirling, and doused with funky trumpet and piano, this one’s a winner. And I don’t even understand the lyrics. Listen/download here.


Ryan Francesconi & Mirabai Peart – Road to Palios
This track is the first of the newly minted duo’s upcoming album (Dec. 4th), also named Road To Palios. It’s their take on Balkan folk music, and the album will have a few instrumental tracks – like this one. Simply Ryan playing guitar, and Mirabai playing violin – but the texture and interplay are great. Listen/download here.


Stumbleine – The Beat My Heart Skips
This one’s for those who dig the chillwave. Because that word basically describe this track in a nutshell. Soft atmospheric sounds, timid vocals, a little reverb. Listen/download here.


Gypsy & The Cat – Bloom
Gypsy & The Cat are a group from Melbourne. This is the first track off their upcoming album, The Late Blue, which will be released on October 19th in Australia. A little synth, a few guitar licks, a driving bass line and a chorus make up this one. here.

Los Jardines De Bruselas – On The Moon (Together)
This one’s for the Bombay Bicycle Club fans. Does it sound like a bedroom experiment? That’s because it is. Los Jardines De Bruselas is Ezequiel de la Parra’s one man Argentinian band. The lyrics are dreamy, fitting the dreamy sound of the track. Listen/download here.


Rah Rah – The Poet’s Dead
And back on an upbeat note! Listen man, the poet may be dead, but the poetry’s in your head. Some fine hand claps, vocals, and rock guitar. Listen/download here.

– Zayniac

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Polaris Music Prize 2012

And from many….there were one. The Polaris Music Prize was started in 2006 to recognize the best full length Canadian album, solely based on merit. It has acted as a who’s who of Canada’s impeccable music scene, with past shortlisters including Arcade Fire (who took home the prize last year,) K’naanThe WeekndBroken Social Scene, and other great bands. This year’s crop was just as strong as ever. Below are the long list, then the short list nominees, then this year’s winner of the prize.

Long List Nominees: Continue reading

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New Author: TheBoyInTheCoat

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our writing team, The Boy In The Coat! Our resident expert of BritPop, don’t let his sarcastic English nature distract you from the music.

Do you want to go to the seaside?
I don’t. The torrential rains are drowning my street, maybe it’s be’er down the road in Liverpool, or Blackpool, still no, maybe Southport? Nope, of course not, I live in England, what was I expecting?
This is my first ever opportunity to write in collaboration with other international writers, such as your honour, the Zayniac – how dare this interface tell me that I misspelt honour!
Now, here we go, being British as I am, living in a climate in which the rain very rarely stops, and when it does stop we scramble indoors anyway because we’re so neurotically fearful of the sun. I can feel my DNA wanting to cringe…
Rightio chaps, while we’re spending our time being dreary inside, we need what you folks call entertainment. So we have a habit of turning to music to find our souls blah blah blah!
Therefore, we had to invent British pop! From the Beatles to the Kooks, you CANNOT go wrong with Britpop. Continue reading

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EskwireD’s Top Pick #6: Yesterday to Tomorrow by Audioslave

Track: Yesterday to Tomorrow
Artist: Audioslave
Album: Out of Exile (2005)
Genre: Hard Rock

Hey internet! I hope everyone is feeling great today, but if not, you’re day is about to get brighter because I’ve got a treat for you! Today’s track is a wonderful song by the late rock supergroup Audioslave and it will surely lift your spirits and leave you with a warm feeling deep inside your soul. “Yesterday to Tomorrow” is a groovy, mood-lifting song that beckons you to shed your regrets and sadness from the past and set your eyes on the hopeful and bright future ahead. Feast your ears on this!

Continue reading

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EskwireD’s Top Pick #4: When the Water Breaks by Liquid Tension Experiment

Track: When the Water Breaks
Artist: Liquid Tension Experiment
Album: Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (1999)
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock

Made up of two parts Dream Theater, one part former Dream Theater, and one part King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment is a side project of some of the world’s most virtuosic progressive musicians. “When the Water Breaks” is a face-melter from their second album that is not for the faint of heart. Clocking in at  almost 17 minutes, “When the Water Breaks” may be quite the time commitment, but for those inclined towards irregular time signatures, blistering solos, and mind-blowing instrumental interplay, this eargasm is definitely worth it. For those uninitiated with progressive or experimental music, there are two things you need to be acquainted with before we begin. First, progressive music is very theatrical, usually encompassing an arcing story (even for instrumentals) that can last a very long time. As such, even with such a long track length, “When the Water Breaks” does not suffer from repetition. Besides a few revisited themes, new rhythms and melodies are experienced throughout the song’s entirety. The second thing progressive new-comers should be acquainted with is the inclusion of odd time signatures that often flow between each other quite suddenly. For the inexperienced, there are more time signatures in existence than just 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8. For example, this song contains large sections that are in the times of 7/8 (counted, in this case, as one-two-three-four-one-two-three) and 6/4 (counted like normal, except going up to six instead of four). Other times, being the fantastic musicians they are, they tamper with their own signatures, adding or dropping beats to individual measures. This usually creates a very jumpy feeling that may be initially perceived as the song interrupting itself over and over again. Once an ear is developed for these time changes however, it is very hard not to appreciate the complex patterns going on here, especially at such high speeds.

Continue reading

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