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CRÈME DE LA RÈME : Tool – 10000 Days (Wings Pt. 2)


Album Art for the Album 10000 days. Click for the track 😀

Tool is one of my favourite bands and you’ll probably see songs by them featured a lot in the CDLR picks. I like to cycle through their albums until I find something I am obsessed with. Lately, this has been Wings for Marie and 10000 days (two parts to the same song.) The incredible thing about this song is the build up. It’s just like they’re telling a story about crashing through the rain and a broken man (Well, I mean, they are, but the song is called Wings for Marie so I guess it’s a woman?). All the while, you’re climbing up a mountain…and then the song reaches the climax. You break free, shake your fist to the sky, and yell to heaven “It’s time now, my time now, GIVE ME MY WINGS”. Catharsis.

 It’s absolutely brilliant. If you don’t mind a kind of ominous build up (I don’t), then you will love, love, love this track, especially for the rainy weekend we’ve been having. Give it a chance, it might just become something you love.
Enjoy it, and catch you on the flip side. 😀
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Introducing: EskwireD | Top Pick #1: Folklore by Opeth

And another fantastic writer joins our ranks. Welcome Scott, known as EskwireD. Here’s one of the features he’ll be bringing to The Harmony, his Tracks Of The Day. EskwireD’s tastes are broad – from electronic to metal to experimental, his Top Pick’s will showcase a wide range of musical styles. Check back often to see what EskwireD recommends, and as always, click the Follow button – to ensure you always find new music, for any circumstance life may throw you in.

Track: Folklore
Artist: Opeth
Album: Heritage (2011)
Genre: Progressive Metal

A departure from previous Opeth albums and met with skepticism from fans, Heritage does not disappoint. It is a solid album. For those uninformed, Opeth’s latest does not contain any death growls, a significant and staple component of their style. This decision does not detract, but allows Opeth’s unique style to be captured from a fresh perspective.  Cast away your doubts and check out “Folklore”.

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