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AVICII Goes Country – ‘Wake Me Up’

I'm clearly a Photoshop whiz. Check out Facebook to see Joey's superior submission.

So AVICII has premiered his latest song, ‘Wake Me Up’ – and it’s not quite like ‘Levels’. It’s country. He fuses EDM and the bluegrass sound pretty well, and it actually plays right in to my love of fusion. What’s more is that it doesn’t even feature a country singer, but the awesome Aloe Blacc doing a great job of it. Listen to it below:

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2011’s Most Notable Music – A Reflection

As of December 31st, we are officially at the end of 2012. Time flies, eh? Maybe it’s time to check in on what those New Year resolutions were (remember those? Don’t worry, me neither.) Make sure you’re over last year’s ex, and most importantly, make sure you have an arsenal of great new tunes. But, but we’d be reminisce if we didn’t remember all the great music that came last year.

So, true to form, I’m here to showcase what I think were last year’s most notable albums. Note that this list will primarily focus on albums that shy from the mainstream – not to be hipster, but simply to give attention to those who deserve so much more of it.

Now to be clear I hate top ten lists. No one is ever going to agree with your list, and you always end up shafting something that someone feels deserves to be on your list. So, below is a list, not of 2011’s best albums, but in my opinion, the year’s 14 most notable albums. I tried to keep true to the blog, and have something for everybody – some rock, some R&B, some metal, some hip hop, and others. After, is the long list, the also notables that didn’t make the list. There are definitely albums I missed – but while this list doesn’t claim to be a summary of every single good album that came out this year, many of what I feel were the years most enjoyable albums are here. Every album won’t be for everybody, but there is definitely at least one album for everybody (except perhaps dancehall fans,) here. Enjoy.

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SLuhail’s EDM Track Pack April 2012 [Download]

I’ve recently reached 500 likes on my fan page! To thank everyone for the support I have made a track pack featuring some great EDM music (House, Electro, Trance, etc.) I hope you all enjoy the selection and remember if you like the song please support the artists and buy the music.

Fan Page: Dj SLuhail

Download the pack here.



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Ultra Music Festival – Closing Set

Ultra Music Festival was this past week and the line up was amazing! If you are into EDM then this was the place to be and I can assure I will go to this festival as soon as I graduate.

Below I have posted one of my favorite sets form the festival with track list – Enjoy!

10 PM BAO Dome Closing Set Sunday March 25, 2012 @ Ultra Music Festival

1. JELO – Intro
2. Savant – Splinter
3. Plastikman – Spastik
4. Gianluca Ft.Marcia – It’s so easy ( Nari & Milani Rmx.)
5. Adam K & JELO – E M P
6. Malcolm Funktion – Crank it up
7. Down to the disco Ft. Treasure fingers (Kroyclub Remix)
8. Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey girl (Adam K & Doman Bootleg)
9. Soulfix – failed War ( JELO Rmx.)
10. The squatters – Zippyshare
11. deadmau5 Vs. JELO – The Reward is Cheese
12. Topher Jones – Brohammer
13. Elite Force – Be strong (Loops of fury rmx)
14. Knife Party – Internet Friends (Organ Donors Bootleg)
15. Korn ft. Skrillex – Get up ! (Autoerotique rmx)
16. Ahllex – Dunno
17. JELO – Party Time
18. Benny Benassi – house Music (Autoerotique Rmx)
19. MC Flipside – Draganno (Nom De Strip Rmx)
20. Micheal Jackson – Billie Jean
21. Bart B More Ft. TAI – Nobody Canna Cross It (TWR72 Rmx)
22. Felix Cartal & Bart B More – Cascade
23. JELO & King Kornelius – Yeigh (Frederik Mooij Rmx)


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Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

New track from the Mafia! Coming out with a strong instrumental, expect this tune to be heard everywhere. Tweaked, this final version of the song is changed slightly from the version SHM previewed previously on BBC Radio 1. Now, this song is going to get famous regardless of its merit, simple because it’s by the Mafia. So does this track have legs to stand on by itself? The answer is yes. It’s easy to fall into a trap of constantly wanting fresh EDM music to the point where you no longer even consider how good a track is, as long as it’s new.

You don’t have to worry about that here. This track is decent. With two 4/4 bars of ascending synths, which then build upon themselves to become grander, this track crescendoes, brings it back down with a brief techno sounding interlude, with some glitch/fidget sounds, a brief piano portion, then builds itself again. Emphasis on the high hat, switch up the synth pattern a little, make the synth line chords, boom. Use that formula, let the rest of the song play itself out. Perhaps not the most original song, but enjoyable at least. 3.9/5.

Here’s the music video version, featuring robotic greyhounds racing around a desert. After the “Save The World” video, where dog were the heroes, and now this, it has become very apparent that the Swedish House mafia love dogs:

And here’s the full version, from the BBC 1 radio rip:

The track was released today on digital music retailers.

– Z

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Avicii’s Levels – In Reverse! (George Monev Edit)

What the fuuuuhhhhh? Avicii‘s Levels is possibly the most infectious song of the last four thousand years. It’s a song that turns regular folk into fist-pumping bros. It doesn’t just get stuck in your head, it takes over your brain and spreads like a vicious, irreversible infection. Avicii’s “Levels” has ruined lives.

To further the song’s evil undertones, George Monev has reversed the hook-driving synths (obviously he was looking for hidden satanic messages). But to his and our surprise, the song remains just as catchy, and somehow, impossibly, it is even more upbeat. It’s like a fucking rainbow captured in audio form. A rainbow made of neon sunglasses and sprinkled with molly.

Here is Avicii’s “Levels”… in reverse.

Here’s the download: mp3.

Also here is the Skrillex Remix in Reverse!


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