Blast From The Past: Retrojam Helps You Remember Songs From Your Youth

Retrojam has a simple layout giving you throwback playlists from your time in elementary school, high school, and college based on your birthday.

Remember the song that was big when you graduated high school? Elementary school? Grade 5? Retrojam does. Simply enter your birthday, and it’ll pull up a playlist for significant dates in your life to date. Put in you’re from 1989, and you’ll get a playlist of popular songs from the day you were born, each year of elementary and high school,, a high school graduating playlist from 2007, and your years through university, including a convocation playlist from 2011. Throwbacks from each period of your school life. The best part? The songs just stream from Spotify.

Fun and quick, this is super neat and a great nostalgia blast. Plus, put in random birthdays and get playlists for whichever years you want. Instant 70s, 80s, 90s or 00’s playlists.


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