C2C – Happy, Happy (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix) [Free Download]

Happy Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix

Song: Happy Feat. D.Martin, Happy (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix)
Artist: C2C
Album: TETRA
Genre: Electroswing, dance
Mood: Fun, groovy


Happy Monday! What better way to start the day than an infectiously fun song? That’s where Smokey Joe & The Kid comes in. With an LP and a handful of remixes under the duo’s belt, over the past two years Smokey Joe & The Kid have proved they are a musical force, mashing together electro, hip hop, and swing to create their unique sound. Today’s song is their remix of C2C‘s ‘Happy’, with a free download you can grab: here. Using a lot of the original’s elements, but with a faster tempo, it grooves.


The original however, is just as fun, and has a killer music video to boot. Set in black and white, and with some absolutely killer 30s dancing, this one is worth a watch. It has the same organs, and gospel breakdown, but with a slower tempo.



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One thought on “C2C – Happy, Happy (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix) [Free Download]

  1. Hazel R says:

    Great track! Had me tappin my toes

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