Vulfpeck haunts dreams with silence

Track: Zzzzz
Artist: Vulfpeck
Genre: Funk
Mood: Sprucy

The Ann Arbor band Vulfpeck have been causing a raucous, in the most discreet way possible. In a Robin Hood-esque attempt to tour performing only for free for the masses, they have turned to Spotify to make their cents to fund it, by releasing an album containing nothing but silence. Each track on Sleepify earns the band $0.005 per song, and they’ve already generated more than $5,000. That’s more than one million listens thus far. Obviously its listeners are sleeping better at night and approve of this new album.

Whilst riling up the corporations with their ingenious loophole, they’ve often been accused of copying the likes of John Cage or Sonic Youth. I doubt that they would take offence, since surely, if time travel allowed, they could all get together and compose the mightiest of vibrations that ever shook the Earth.

Please be considerate however, in the words of the band, “please don’t “shuffle” sleepify. i know this might come off snobbish, but we spent a lot of time on track order.” During the day fans can get their groove on listening to Outro (my favourite) or the many other tunes found on their Bandcamp:


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