[Mixtape Monday # 4] Hidden Orchestra – Arhcipelago Mixtape Part 1

Track: Archipelago Mixtape Part 1
Artist: Hidden Orchestra
Genre: Classical/Dub/Electronica/Folk/Post-Rock/HipHop/DnB/Jazz
Mood: Chilled, inspired, enthused.

Every year Hidden Orchestra creates mixtapes that are out of this world. They infuse their own electronic jazz melodies with classic records from the past, present and future. If that wasn’t enough, they then throw in some philosophical spoken dialogue on top, creating a combination that leaves you satisfied in every way possible.

Last year they surpassed themselves by creating a mixtape that included the likes of Johnny Cash, Thom Yorke (from Radiohead), Bob Marley, Kate Bush, and The Beatles. It is my favourite mixtape that they have created, which is very difficult to determine since they are all so exquisite and unique in their own way. What’s more, all of their mixtapes are available to download for free, ensuring blissful musical experiences for the rest of our lives.

A couple of days ago part one of their yearly mixtape was released! The next instalment will be released within a few weeks time, I know I will be twitching in anticipation. All of their other mixtapes are interspersed randomly across the internet, so I will make your lives easier for you by listing them all here:

Archipelago Remixes Mixtape Part 1 2014 
Archipelago Mixtape 2013
Archipelago Minimix 2012
Flight Mixtape 2012
Outlook Festival Mixtape 2011
Night Walks On Vinyl Mixtape 2011
Footsteps Promo Mix 2010

Or if you are too lazy to follow the links you can listen to some of their previous work by clicking the pretty orange play button below. 

– Hannah Suzanne


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