EskwireD’s Top Pick #11: Combustion by Meshuggah

Track: Combustion
Artist: Meshuggah
Album: obZen (2008)
Genre: Extreme metal, death metal
Mood: Angry, Energetic

Well it’s about freakin’ time I covered a death metal song, considering it is one of my favourite genres. For anyone out there who believes that music isn’t music unless it’s nice and pleasant, this entry isn’t for you. For you metalheads out there, who understand that the art of music can comprise of many emotions, including anger, you’ve likely heard of Meshuggah. For those of you who haven’t, then you have been seriously missing out. “Combustion” will make you want to bang your head until you get an aneurysm, beat your fists against a wall until your knuckles are bloody, and yell with blood-curdling rage and ferocity; and it will make you feel great. Like a god among men. Like an untamable beast who is out to kick some serious ass.

Meshuggah is an extreme metal band from Sweden and they are one of the heaviest bands I have ever heard. Their music does an amazing job of tapping into that inner-beast that lies dormant within every human soul. After only a few minutes listening, you can feel your heart racing and blood boiling in excitement as your inner-demon proceeds to rip out from the flesh of your puny mortal body. You are unstoppable! Legions of the enslaved will bow before your might and slaughter countless in your name. “Combustion” will bring out your evil side and you will love every minute of it.

The theme around “Combustion”, and the whole album of obZen, is that humanity has attained salvation through violence, bloodshed, and warfare; through these primal outbursts of destruction and mayhem, humans finally feel free (SO METAL!! \m/). This song certainly captures that attitude. It is intense, that goes without saying, but Meshuggah also presents a very unique sound through the use of two down-tuned, 8-string guitars, blistering drumming, and monstrous vocals. When listening to this song, I have to headbang. This ferocious urge takes over me and all I want to do is thrash and jump around. It is actually very liberating. The high impact of the downbeat snare hits, the syncopated cymbal crashes, and the loud gurgling of the guitars and bass, accented by the punctuated fierceness of the vocals is absolutely incredible; feeling this bad feels so good.

“Combustion” is an extreme and evil song that awakens a liberatingly primal ferocity in the listener. It gets your blood pumping, energizes you, and makes you want to rampage and go wild. It is not for everyone, obviously. Don’t go showing this to your grandma or else she might accuse you of worshiping the devil. But, for those of you who embrace your dark side and love to mosh, this is right up your alley.


Didn’t fancy what you heard? Keep checking back! I’m going to be covering a large variety of music during my time here on The Harmony, so I’m bound to feature something you’d like. If a song seems unfamiliar or unconventional to you, I suggest giving it a try anyways. You’d be surprised what you can learn to like if you have an open mind!

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