Mashup Monday: Miley Cyrus x Mumford & Sons – Little Wrecking Ball (Isosine Mashup)

Track: Little Wrecking Ball
Artist: Miley Cyrus x Mumford & Sons; Isosine
Genre: Mashup, Pop, Folk
Mood: Hilarious, sad


Ever wished Miley Cyrus was a little more folk? Or that Mumford and Sons stuck out their tongue a little more, and had an often nude 20-something female as their lead singer? If you do, then I might question your taste. But give you a pardon, because something so weird somehow works really well. Isosine, the mashup producer from Vancouver, BC, has created this little gem and it is making serious waves. And he’ll even get me – and maybe you – to listen to Miley Cyrus. And that’s pretty impressive.

Really, compared to his previous mashups, which have included mixing Justin Bieber with Slipknot, (‘Psychosocial Baby‘) it shouldn’t be a surprise Isosine has made this work. More recently, his Florence + The Machine, Kendrick Lamar, and Anna Kendrick mashup, ‘Poetic‘ has gained traction.

Signed on to Wonton Soup House, Isosine continues to make creative and random mixes that somehow work. You can check out his Facebook page, or his website, which has downloads of all his tracks. See below for the ‘Little Wrecking Ball’ download.

Download here.

– Zayniac

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