We are terribly excited to introduce our newest author, dogleish. Our new Scottish counterpart, we look forward to her broad taste of various underground music, and her Scottish (inebriated) humour. 


When my dear friend asked me if I wanted to be an author on a music blog I was bouncing of the walls in excitement. This was on the 5th of April, so I am rather ashamed of myself for taking so long to say hello. I was desperate to write immediately, drowning with anticipation, yet I refused to let myself write until exams were over. But when that time came, The Harmony, unfortunately, became my new procrastination. Until now.

I spent many weeks pondering over which band I would ever write about first. As soon as I saw Rhye in concert, it became obvious. I first listened to ‘The Fall’ in October last year, and I can recall listening to it everyday, over and over and over again for at least a month. Their other song, ‘Open’, I didn’t love as much, but it creeped up on me without my noticing. Not only are these two songs heart wrenchingly beautiful, they also come with fantastic music videos.

When I went to see them I was just getting over some horrible illness, and on the verge of getting a new one, but I had to go, no matter the consequences. I am glad I did, because it was one of the best gigs I have ever been to. My friend and I were very early, and we scored ourselves the best seats in the entire hall. The waiting was agony, they tortured us with some really awful ambient chiropractic music for what felt like hours. But suddenly there he was, stood in front of us behind the microphone with a great array of instruments and musicians surrounding him.

As he first opened his lips it was like an angel transcended from the heavens, giving thou a sweet kiss on one’s forehead, as the body contracted and shivered and the heart pulsed and raced, despite his soothing melodious voice. My friend was actually expecting him to be a woman, what I and most others thought when one first hears his voice, so it came as quite a surprise. Each and every artist on the stage oozed an eclectic creativity, combining together in glorious harmony. The violinist often played his instrument like a guitar with an expression of pure glee that I don’t think could’ve been wiped off his face even if someone came and chopped off his leg right there and then. There was a kick ass woman who played trombone and electronic double bass (if I remember correctly). The pianist makes up one half of the duo that is Rhye and he can birdcall precisely like a finch. The lead singer, Milosh, was oh so humble and more than humorous; changing the lyrics of the final song to subliminally tell the audience at the back of the room to shut the hell up.

The band brought something to the music that cannot be heard on the album, it was much more lively, upbeat. It flowed and was free to move in whatever direction it felt like. I wish that there would be a live album, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Rhye have two more dates left of their tour: http://www.rhyemusic.com/tour-dates
I literally just found this 5 seconds ago, it encapsulates them perfectly if you want to get a closer feel of a live experience: http://www.npr.org/event/music/186074077/rhye-live-in-concert

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