Daft Punk Officially Announce New Album – Random Access Memories

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

Collect yourself before you continue reading.

Daft Punk have finally announced the anticipated follow-up to 2010’s Tron soundtrack – a 13 track full length LP called Random Access Memories. It’s going to be released by Daft Life, an imprint on Columbia Records, on May 21st. Start counting down.

If you’re enough of a fanboy/fangirl, you can preorder the album on iTunes here even though there’s no tracklist yet. It has been reported before that Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers and Animal Collective‘s Panda Bear may appear on the album.

To keep yourself busy until May 21st, you can either listen to the SNL commercial for the hundredth time, or go through a visual history of Daft Punk’s helmets, from The Stool Pidgeon, or listen to The Hood Internet‘s mashup of the SNL commercial with Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Suit and Tie‘.

History of Daft Punk Helmets


– Zayniac

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