Drake. Click for Track

Click for the Track 😀

Drake is a great artist. He says he started from the bottom (Well, I’d say, at least the middle), and he’s moved up, up, up…right to every pop and urban radio station (and EVERY SINGLE CLUB EVER) that exists across North America. I love this track because it’s…fresh. It’s two days released, but it’s a smooth song, legit beat, and successfully manages to make me feel nostalgic. Anyway, perhaps I feel this way about a lot of Drake before the population gets strung out on it. He says he’s keeping it real, and I hear it here; no autotune, no extra production…sounds like we could be hearing it live over a mic.

Maybe I’m nuts, but I love it. He just wants the credit where it’s due, and I am willing to give it to him.

Solid. Give it a shot! 😀

Enjoy it, and catch you on the flip side. :D
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