EskwireD’s Top Pick #9: Wanna Get by Parov Stelar

Track: Wanna Get
Artist: Parov Stelar
Album: Daylight (2008)
Genre: Electroswing

Electroswing: I haven’t been able to get enough of it and neither will you. The brilliant fusion of electronic dance music with jazz and swing elements is so delicious, it will get you moving and grooving whether you’d like to or not. Today, I bring you a song by Parov Stelar called “Wanna Get” and it is one of the grooviest songs I have ever heard.

“Wanna Get” was originally released as a single in 2004, but was not included on a studio album until Daylight in 2008. Although classified as electroswing by Parov Stelar, who allegedly coined the name of the genre, I think a more appropriate description of “Wanna Get” would be jazz house. That’s exactly what it is, a house song with all of the samples and sound effects replaced by jazz instruments. This combination works magnificently and it always gets me eager to move and dance. One time, I danced to this song at a friend’s Christmas party and it was easily one of the highlights of the night. From what I understand, the samples used in this production were recorded in-house by the Parov Stelar Band, but done in such a style that it sounds like you’re listening to samples from rediscovered cool jazz vinyls.

The song does not hesitate in establishing its groove. Beginning with a deep driving bass drum, some light hi-hat hits, and a grainy sample of what seems like a skipping turntable, I’m already bobbing my head and urging to move. The ultra groovy bass line comes in after the first phrase, pushing the song forward and giving it a sexy quality that just makes my tail bone want to dance and shake. Then there’s the sax. So simple but so appreciated, the sax introduction in this song is freakin’ sweet and really establishes the funky house style that this song pulls off so well. The voice samples are pretty cool too. As the song progressively becomes groovier and funkier, we are introduced to more instrument samples, including more saxophones, a muted trumpet, a string section, and a piano. Although each sample is rather simple and repetitious on its own, Parov Stelar layers and mixes them so well that you’ll never want to stop dancing to it. This is the sign of a truly great house producer. By the time the song is in full swing, there are up to four saxophones, a trumpet, the strings, and the piano all trading short little melodies back and forth between each other. This is all on top of the percussion, bass, turntable, and voice samples described before. All of these samples mesh together brilliantly, creating a very intricate sound that inspires an intense, but appropriately cool dancing environment. Intensity is loosened after this point as each sample vanishes one-by-one, giving listeners ample time to cool down and truly take in the awesomeness that is “Wanna Get”.

Now, I don’t presume to know what “wanna get” is actually supposed to mean, but I do know that I always wanna get some of this song. No joke, I have listened to this song at least once a day since Zayniac introduced it to me a couple of months ago and I still love it just as much. It’s just so damn groovy! I recommend this song to everyone. It’s familiar jazz instrumentation in the style of modern house music is very accessible and very enjoyable. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if electroswing really started to get big in the near future as more people get exposed to it, dance to it, and produce it. I would delightfully welcome such a phenomenon. I am in love with this genre.


Here are a few other electronic artists who heavily incorporate jazz sampling or instrumentation in their music:
Caravan Palace
-Round Table Knights
Let me know in the comments below if you know any more!

Didn’t fancy what you heard? Keep checking back! I’m going to be covering a large variety of music during my time here on The Harmony, so I’m bound to feature something you’d like. If a song seems unfamiliar or unconventional to you, I suggest giving it a try anyways. You’d be surprised what you can learn to like if you have an open mind!

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