Demixed #2: Wiz Khalifa – Never Been & Never Been Part II | Chrono Trigger OST

Schala - Gang

Bonus round: twice the Silver points! Sledgren produced the Dope-As-F-ck beats for ‘Never Been’ and ‘Never Been Part II’ with some video game magic. I am impressed! Lets Demix it.On April 14 2010 Wiz Khalifa blessed us all with the mixtape Kush & Orange Juice. It was hella sick, and most importantly it brought Wiz to the limelight. The internet buzz was insane, and in my opinion the songs were all great to listen to. I even liked the skits LOL… One song that I really enjoyed was ‘Never Been’, and I knew I recognized the sample from somewhere. The sample stirred emotions on my heart I just could not explain… When I figured it out, I almost creamed my pants. A rap song sampling a video game that defined my childhood?! Damn! Never Been, produced by Sledgren samples the OST of one of the best RPG games of all time: Chrono Trigger. More specifically, the sample is called Schala’s theme; it play when Janus and Schala are talking in the Zeal Palace (Ill forgive you if you have no idea what that means…).  Below I’ve linked the song ‘Never Been’, and the sample ‘Schala’s Theme’.

But wait Mos, I thought this was a bonus round with twice the points?! It is. Flash forward two years and Wiz dropped Taylor Allderdice, which was another legit mixtape. It’s not my favourite (that would be Star Power, and my old roommate knows it hahaha…) but its a good listen! And here we have… I could barely believe my ears, track 8: ‘Never Been Part II’. Oh snap! Another Sledgren production, and he samples Chrono Trigger again. At this point all my pants are ruined, and I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. On my return, I find the sample to be Secret of the Forest. This plays when you’re inside Guardia Forest.

Honestly Sledgren has some ear to pick out these samples. As a huge video game fan, I really like hearing this kind of thing. If you enjoy it as much as I do, I really recommend ‘Ocarina of Rhyme’ by Team Teamwork. Dude samples a bunch of tracks from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with great success. Here’s a link:

-Master Mos

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