Mellow Mondays #6 : Nomak – For The Children


Well, another year has passed and school has started again…I figured I should do something for the children, something to help ease the pain of another school trimester, I mean semester. In the past Mellow Mondays has been showcasing a lot of chill-wave, and I need to show people the truth; other chill music exists!

It’s Nomak bitches! I know what you m—–f—s thought, Master Mos has disappeared, this kids gone under etc. No, my good citizens, I have been scouring the interwebs to find you the best mellow music known to mankind. Nomak is a heavily jazz influenced hip-hop producer from the land of the rising sun (Japan). This song is off his more recent album Muziq and Foto, and he’s got a bunch other of ill stuff too. I highly recommend this music for chilling and/or studying. If Master Mos had a cafe named Mos Cafe, with lots of pretty girls as servers, and a nice fireplace with dim lighting and snow falling gracefully outside the window, and …well I would play Nomak in the background alright! Honestly, you just need to check it out; here it is,

For The Children!

-Master Mos

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