Crème de la Rème : Above and Beyond – Thing Called Love (2011 Club Mix) feat. Richard Bedford

The Harmony is happy to introduce Rème (All The Wrong Questions) to our ranks. With a diverse range of tastes from rock to trance (see below) she’s sure to add some freshness to our posts. Here are her picks, the ‘Crème de la Rème’.

Click! Above & Beyond Thing Called Love Artwork

Click the Pic for the Track! 🙂

Above and Beyond really does go Above and Beyond (bad puns are excellent – sue me) with this track. Richard Bedford has a fantastic, whimsical voice that will honestly make you want to spread your arms wide and fly away. The message is simple: don’t forget about a thing called love, and Bedford makes me believe it – he sounds old enough to be wise, but sounds like he has found power through love. He’s a fantastic artistic choice.

Above and Beyond does an incredible job with the mix, and when I close my eyes, I find myself on a different plane. Really, Isn’t that what music is supposed to do?

Enjoy it, and catch you on the flip side. 🙂

Rème, or ATWQ

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