Music Video Monday #8: Swedish House Mafia & Frank Ocean

On an EDM note, here’s Swedish House Mafia‘s latest, and final track. Recently announcing that they were going to split up, the hype leading to this track has been massive. Released on Friday the fourteenth, the final track comes out after many radio rips and concert leaks.

This is one of those videos that actually adds to the emotion of the track. It shows just how massive rave culture has become, showing crowds of thousands all dancing as one to the music.

And, Frank Ocean and John Mayer‘s new video for ‘Pyramids’. This video is done even better. It just flows to all the changes in the music. A scen where Frank blends into the air from his speed, then vanishes into nothing to reppear particularily fits the music well. Though The Harmony definitely doesn’t recommend you follow his example and ride a motorcycle without a helmet. This video is definitely NSFW, with half of it shot in the stripclub, the center of his story. It starts off with ‘Pink Matter’, before segueing into the track.

– Zayniac


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