Mellow Mondays #4 : Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

It’s Monday… again?! Damn it! On the light side, I’m finally moving to some pretty mellow music… *coughlamecough*
Here’s another dope song to get you through the shittiest day of your miserable, bastardized lives…Just kidding! This will make it better friends. You might recognize the lyrics from Flo Rida song Good Feeling, or for the house-heads: Levels by AVICII.
The original song is called Something’s Got A Hold On Me by Etta James.  Take in all the Youtube commentators fighting over that shit.
Pretty Lights is pretty bomb, I think y’all should check em! All the music is free, so really you have no excuse not to. He’s got a nice blend of electronic, hip-hop, soul sounds. : It’s dope *does finger-snap*

-Master Mos

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