New Author: TheBoyInTheCoat

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our writing team, The Boy In The Coat! Our resident expert of BritPop, don’t let his sarcastic English nature distract you from the music.

Do you want to go to the seaside?
I don’t. The torrential rains are drowning my street, maybe it’s be’er down the road in Liverpool, or Blackpool, still no, maybe Southport? Nope, of course not, I live in England, what was I expecting?
This is my first ever opportunity to write in collaboration with other international writers, such as your honour, the Zayniac – how dare this interface tell me that I misspelt honour!
Now, here we go, being British as I am, living in a climate in which the rain very rarely stops, and when it does stop we scramble indoors anyway because we’re so neurotically fearful of the sun. I can feel my DNA wanting to cringe…
Rightio chaps, while we’re spending our time being dreary inside, we need what you folks call entertainment. So we have a habit of turning to music to find our souls blah blah blah!
Therefore, we had to invent British pop! From the Beatles to the Kooks, you CANNOT go wrong with Britpop.
And when your ears are graced by the wonderful sounds from Britain (believe it or not that we have proper recording equipment over here), please don’t forget that we invented this to keep us from slicing our wrists.
For y’all good folks who appreciate good music: Listen, listen, listen and listen again!

– The Boy in The Coat.

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One thought on “New Author: TheBoyInTheCoat

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