Hump Day # 1 – Freek’N You – Jodeci

Congratulations! We’ve passed the hell of the work week, it’s all down hill from here. That’s why people call it hump day right? Well here’s another reason: Raw sexual tunes on The Harmony. If you haven’t done it to this song, I pity the fool…

It’s classic 90’s RnB at its finest. All the ladies are getting freaky to this song ! Just listen to that beat, its the perfect tempo. Even the lyrics fit right in:

“Every time I close my eyes
I wake up feelin’ so horny
I can’t get you outta my mind
Sexin’ you be all I see
I would give anything
Just to make you understand me
I don’t give a damn about nothing else
Freek’n you is all I see”

Hehehe get it, fit right in, hehehe. Get used to the corny immature jokes now, because they will keep…coming.

-Master Mos

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