That’s So Anime! #1: GSG Opener: The Light Before We Land

If only there was an anime about blogging…This would be a true anime moment. I’m putting two of my passions together in this post. Can you guess them? … Ill wait… No, really go ahead and guess…Anime music, or rather the music in anime. This will cover a whole bunch of different genres, and that might be confusing. At the same time, there is some real gems hidden in the soundtracks of anime. Lest we forget “Dragon,Dragon ball… Dragon ball z!!” or what about the Poke-rap? Damn, why didn’t I post that? Lame songs aside, there are some seriously good tracks that go unnoticed because who the fuck really combs through the flood of anime to find the realest shit? Me. I do. For you!

Gunslinger Girl has an amazing opener. No engrish here, just straight dope lyrics. In retrospect, I don’t think many people would describe the lyrics that way… Maybe “sentimental” or “touching” or “heart-warming” or some other lame word. Fuck that shit, this is straight dope. I can say the orchestral parts remind me of The Beatles, but I might be stretching it. Judge for yourself:

– Master Mos

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2 thoughts on “That’s So Anime! #1: GSG Opener: The Light Before We Land

  1. imextragood says:

    Check out Samurai Champloo for good music

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