Introducing: Master Mos [Wayback Playback #1: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince]

Introducing the latest and greatest to The Harmony, Master Mos. He loves the music of the 90’s, hip-hop, r&b, chill beats, and all sort of other things. Here’s the first of his wayback playback’s, a sweet song for summertime chillin’. – Zayniac

It’s the summertime, and it’s the weekend; hell it’s hot as @#$% outside and that’s a good enough reason! I got to thinking, what would be the perfect patio song? And then it hit me, SUMMERTIME!
This is a classic chill hip-hop track, made by the legendary Fresh Prince and his boy DJ Jazzy Jeff. Honestly I’d be surprised if you didn’t recognize this one folks, and if you don’t know, now you know…

– Master Mos

PS. Comment with your all-time hottest summer classic! =P

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5 thoughts on “Introducing: Master Mos [Wayback Playback #1: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince]

  1. Shaikh N Bake says:

    summatime dope

  2. Kazzy says:

    This is a CLASSIC drop, man. Really good choice. Anyone who claims to be a Hip-Hop head better know this shit. Here’s a personal fav summer classic of mine:

  3. apu says:

    I personally like this one;

  4. rabieolie says:

    ayy sick song Mos

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