EP REVIEW: Knife Party – Rage Valley

With the release of their new EP, Rage Valley, Knife Party have proven that their status as heavyweights in the electronic scene is one that is well warranted. After breaking through last year with their debut record, 100% No Modern Talking, Knife Party has become a household name in the EDM scene, embraced by everyone from house-heads to dubstep bros.Rage Valley will only enhance their status, as it takes their signature growling bassline sound and takes it to a new level. Production-wise, the EP is auditory perfection, and is screaming to be blasted from the best and largest sound system you possess. Few artists can get away with producing the same high quality songs across two genres, let alone four, but Gareth and Rob have shown that they are more than capable, with the release spanning four different tempos and genres.

Beginning with the title track, an electro banger that will be rinsed out by countless acts at every electronic festival this summer, the EP reaches a level of high energy that never let’s up across it’s run-time. From there, the duo jumps from dubstep (“Centipede” – a huge, heavy beast with a perfect vocal sample straight from a insanely creepy sounding National Geographic-esque nature video) to drumstep (“Bonfire” – the perfect version of that “Fire Hive” edit everyone and your sister attempted to craft after Modern Talking) after finally coming to rest with at some good ole 110 Moombah (“Sleaze” – featuring vocals from BBCR1xtra’s one and only Mistajam, a dance-floor smasher that will get a huge response everywhere from underground raves to the classy (or not so classy) bars you frequent in  a university town).

If you are a fan of electronic music of any kind, Rage Valley will definitely have something for you. With high production across varying genres and sounds, this EP cements Knife Party‘s status as one of the scene’s premier players, with nowhere to go but up. In this case, Rob and Gareth’s choice of weapon was more than adequate for this gun fight.

Purchase the EP from Beatport in all it’s 320 glory here


Here’s a little treat for you – mash-up extraordinaries Binary, friends of The Harmony, have put together this really cool mini-mix of the Rage Valley EP – all four tracks in 6 minutes. So if you are on the fence, just want a taste, or want a really awesome summary of the awesomeness contained in the release – download, rinse, repeat.

Cheers, ZM

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