ANT [Mixtape Download Link]

I recently came across this rapper on YouTube to keep things simple – He has good flow, good lyrics and most important (I personally think this can make or break any artist) he has great production quality.

ANT is a 22 year old musician from Seattle, WA. Known for his intricate lyrics and catchy rhyme schemes, he is not your typical rapper. What sets him apart from most rappers, is that he is known for telling elaborate and very relatable stories with his music. Rather than rapping about clubbing, sex, alcohol, and those typical hip hop subjects, ANT tells stories about lost love, growing up without a father, dealing with death, falling in love, and everything else he encounters in his life. He has been writing music all his life, but did not record his first song until 2006 and hasn’t stopped since. With the emergence of the YouTube scene, ANT has taken a step away from writing originals and focuses instead on writing remixes to popular songs. Always repping his hometown and never speaking about what he hasn’t been through, the truth of his rhymes are evident. Check out his official YouTube channel, subscribe, and enjoy!

Download TheREMIXtape Chapter One: Inroduction for free!

All I do is Win Remix:

My Favorite track of his mostly because I know what it’s like being in the friend zone and wanting to get out:

– SLu

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