EskwireD’s Top Pick #7: Mosquito Song by Queens of the Stone Age

Track: Mosquito Song
Artist: Queens of the Stone Age
Album: Songs for the Deaf (2002)
Genre: Folk

Alright everyone, here is a track for your nightmares! For the end of their album, Songs for the Deaf, kick-ass hard rock group Queens of the Stone Age decided to provide their listeners with an eerie little folk tune. Complete with chilling melodies, eerie vocals, and subject matter that can easily make a little kid wet the bed, “Mosquito Song” will surely leave your hairs standing on end.

“Mosquito Song” starts off with a haunting folk melody on the acoustic guitar. When the calm, but uneasy vocals come in, we are introduced to the horror story of a lost man fleeing from a group of flesh-hungry entities. The song is sung like a warning given to travelers, just like how ghost stories are told around the campfire; calm, and relaxed, but still frightening. We are told of bloody cooking utensils and the cookbooks, describing how we are all food to these blood-thirsty creatures (Who are they? Cannibals? Monsters? Mosquitoes?). When the vocals break off, we are greeted by bone-chilling piano and whining violin. After the shivers are done making their way down your spine – SILENCE -, then the song breaks into an epic, but still very dark movement. Consisting of disturbing, painful moans, a devilish low brass section, a cold snare, and the haunting sound of distant jingle bells, we know we’ll be stew before long. The acoustic guitar solo brings to mind the lost fellow, wondering the woods, afraid of the dark, checking his back, not knowing whether he’ll make it out alive. It is inevitable though, as the band reminds us in the song’s closing, “All of us food that hasn’t died”.

Besides being entirely creepy, this song is engrossing and very entertaining. The band’s use of non-standard instruments and unsettling vocal techniques makes “Mosquito Song” a good choice for people who feel they need a little more spookiness in their lives, or who enjoy a good ol’ ghost story ’round the fire.


Didn’t fancy what you heard? Keep checking back! I’m going to be covering a large variety of music during my time here on The Harmony, so I’m bound to feature something you’d like. If a song seems unfamiliar or unconventional to you, I suggest giving it a try anyways. You’d be surprised what you can learn to like if you have an open mind!

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