Music Video Monday #1: Ted Hunter

New feature. We’ll still have Mixtape Mondays sometimes. Today we have a relatively new artist in the scene, by the name of Ted Hunter, and a new video and song by Swedish House Mafia.

I’ll write up a proper artist feature soon, but in the mean time allow me to say we are witnessing the emergence of someone with incredible and diverse talent. His latest work is a remix of Childish Gambino‘s Bonfire. The song is the focus here, but the video works well. It uses bits of Childish Gambino’s music videos for Bonfire and Camp EPK, and clips from Freaks & Geeks, all mixed in with shots of Ted Hunter doing his thing. What more could you want than seeing an artist in the process? Aggressive synths, on point drum patterns and electro sounds galore, this one earns a listen.

Click here for the new song and video from Swedish House Mafia! It got its own article.

Next week we’ll feature three music videos that display that live DJ-ing can show off incredible talent and musicianship – and the possibilities extend so much further than the standard “playlist” DJ you here at your local bar. Get excited.

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