Zeds Dead [Artist Feature]


Soon, I will start a new series called “WTH is?” and the first post of that series will be on dusbtep.

But in the mean time, here’s another artist feature. On deck this time is the Toronto dubstep duo of DC and Hooks, better known as Zeds Dead. No strangers to creating music by any means, these two have been working together since 2004. The pair started off as Mass Productions where they sampled hip-hop beats. They released one and only one album under that moniker in 2007, called Fresh Beetz. Soon after, they changed gears, and in the summer of 2009, became Zeds Dead – both a play on their names, Zack and Dylan (Z & D), and a Pulp Fiction reference.

The next year, they played the first show at the now closed bar, The Social (R.I.P.). However, more importantly, in September of 2010, Zeds Dead with The Killabits founded Bassmentality – a weekly party at 751, a venue in Toronto. One month later, it moved to its current venue, Wrongbar. Let’s take a second to pause on Bassmentality. While Zeds Dead may not play there weekly anymore – a much larger touring schedule gets in the way of that – Bassmentality has seen some of the biggest names on the scene, including Nero, Skrillex (who called it the “devil’s den”,) Netsky, BorgoreDoctor PKOAN Sound, and others.

They have since released tracks on labels including Mad Decent and Dim Mak, reached number one on Beatport’s breaks chart, and released 6 EPs. First garnering recognition for their remix of Blue Foundation‘s “Eyes on Fire” (download below), Zeds Dead has grown far larger than the weekly party they once hosted. [Check out the tribute to the Bassmentality below!] With an incredibly distinct sound, Zeds Dead have managed to avoid sounding like other generic brostep producers on the scene. Mixing in various styles, from dubstep to D&B, from remixing Sebastian Tellier to The Rolling Stones to Sublime, they mix in different styles to always keep their productions fresh. Becoming the representatives for Toronto’s dubstep scene, they help represent Canada, just like fellow big names Excision and Datsik on the global stage. Fresh off the release of their latest EP, Adrenaline, the slow takeover of Zeds Dead will be a great one to watch.

Harmonious Downloads:

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) mp3 | A must have; their break-out track. My favourite by them.

Zeds Dead – Undah Yuh Skirt feat. Mavado mp3 | This song is SO KILLER. Absolute. Smasher. Featuring Mavado, this track jumps into some wobbly D&B. Second favourite Zeds Dead track.

Zeds Dead – Rude Boy feat. Omar LinX mp3Arguably one of their most famous songs. Drums that sound real, their very distinct wobble, and the tinkling of some piano keys. Featuring wicked vocals from close collaborator, Toronto rapper Omar LinX.

Zeds Dead – Dark Side Dub mp3Featuring Darth Vader’s breathing. 

Sublime – Doin’ Time (Zeds Dead Summer Grime Remix) mp3 | Diced up and served.

Zeds Dead – Out For Blood feat. Omar LinX mp3 | Another collaboration track with Omar LinX. 

The latest:

Zeds Dead – Coffee Break mp3 | Chill.

Sabi – Wild Heart (Zeds Dead Remix) | Posted this one last week, here. Banger.

The Roots – Dear God 2.0 feat. Monsters of Folk mp3 | Not my favourite track by them; but let me take a second on this one. Trevor Dandy first made a gospel track called “Is There Any Love” in 1970. In 2009, indie supergroup Monsters of Folk sampled that track in their song, “Dear God (sincerely M.O.F.). The Roots, the amazing hip-hop band, then featured Monsters of Folk singing their version on the track, “Dear God 2.0”. Now, it’s fourth iteration – the Zeds Dead remix of The Roots track.

Zeds Dead & The Killabits – Bassmentality mp3 | Mentioned The Killabits above. Here’s their collabo track, named after their weekly party.

– Zayniac

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  1. […] God 2.0′. This song isn’t new to the site, I’ve posted it before in my Zeds Dead feature. Released in February 2012, Zeds Dead took The Roots hip-hop track, and put a little filth […]

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