Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army

Today, we present a soulful cover of The White Stripes 2003 hit, “Seven Nation Army”. Instead of the riff being played on a modified semi-acoustic guitar, here it’s played lightly on a guitar, and an actual bass guitar (not just an acoustic made to sound like a bass!) Adding great soul vocals by The X Factor runner-up Marcus Collins, background vocals, and a little brass (I’m a massive sucker for any song that adds a brass section – it’s an easy way to my heart,) this lead single is a great take on the original song. However, as you’ll see below, it’s a total ripoff of Ben L’Oncle Soul‘s 2010 version of the song.

Now, looking at the video, you’ll see a good number of dislikes, and equally large ratio of negative comments. All these peoples are fools, that don’t know the first thing about music. I’ll discuss this point more in depth when I publish my post on Pop Culture. But for now, let us remember that there’s a good chunk of songs in musical history whose most famous renditions aren’t the original. Aretha Franklin‘s “Respect”, a song originally written and recorded my soul legend Otis Redding. Gary Jules‘ “Mad World”, originally by Tears For Fears (who have also been covered by the likes of Kanye West – his “Coldest Winter” is based off of Tears for Fears’ “Memories Fade”.

Anyways, here’s the song:

And here’s my favourite comment:

“What a f–king clown. Seems like all little sh-ts like this asshole and people like Glee are doing, no talent themselves so they try and copy whats actually good.” [Editor’s note: I edited the profanity.]

See how absurd that is?

So covers can be great, because they allow an artist to put their spin on a song. When you put an incredibly similar spin as somebody else however, this doesn’t work. I have to point out that Marcus Collins version is pretty similar to Ben L’Oncle Soul’s 2010 version of the song.  Listen and compare for yourself.

Bonus Harmonious:

Swedish House Mafia – One Nation Army (Jerry Rekonius Bootleg) mp3 | This track combines Swedish House Mafia’s hit “One” with “Seven Nation Army”. It’s one of those tracks you have to listen to at least once – but probably just once. It’s just worth it for the awesome intro. Check it out, be surprised.

– Z

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2 thoughts on “Marcus Collins – Seven Nation Army

  1. Zack says:

    I like L’Oncle’s version better

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