OK Go – Needing/Getting [Music Video]

OK Go have a long history of great music and great music videos. There was this “This Too Shall Pass”, which was all a Rube Goldberg machine – which instantly makes it awesome; and their   second, official version, with the Notre Dame marching band, and them in marching band tunics – also instantly awesome. . Then there was “Here It Goes Again” which was all done on treadmills. “White Knuckles” with dogs and pail stacking; “End Love” with coloured jump suits and a bunch of time-lapsing; the more simple “A Million Ways” which features a choreographed dance in their backyard (and also one my favourite OK Go songs.) So you get the point. They make awesome, super creative music videos.

Here’s their latest. Teaming up with Chevrolet, the make music with a car, by driving around and hitting stuff with extendable arms. The guitar part might be a bit too noisy, but this is definitely worth a watch. I don’t even want to know how many takes it took in the four days of recording to get all the timing, the speed and driving of the car, and everything else right. Enjoy.


PS Sorry for being quite recently – while putting the final touches on my 2011 wrapup list, my computer went in the shop, and I got incredibly busy. While quite belated now, it’ll be up in the next 2 weeks.

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