Mixtape Monday #1: Lupe Fiasco’s Friend of the People

Here is the first in what will be a hopefully semi-constant series of Mixtape Mondays. Today The Harmony presents Lupe Fiasco’s Friend of the People.

Mixtape is ill. Lupe goes crazy with the electro beats, sampling everyone including Justice (twice), Nero, and SebastiAn; while still bringing a chill jazzy feel with Life, Death & Love From San Francisco. Lupe dismisses Kanye and Jay-Z’s thronethrones, constant brand naming, and the Hollywood lifestyle aren’t his style. Lupe also brings out new artists Dosage and Lil Ronnie, the first of whom drops a great verse. RapGenius.com is your friend here.

Meh tracks: Double Burger W/Cheese – great flow, and the message is clear, with the whole thing being references – but reminiscing about old TV shows doesn’t do much for me.

Stellar: Lightwork, Life, Death And Love From San Francisco, SLR (an older song that finds its home on this mixtape.)

Overall: good.

Great lyrics, great music, peep this mixtape here.

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